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Detailed car specs: 2014 Ford Fiesta. Simplified size is useful for shopping and buying tires. - 6 speed manual, hill start assist, traction control and sport mode.-Keyless entry, Push Start Button.-Window tint 20%, all power windows.-Light bar mounted in the front with push button on dash to turn on. The new 2014 Ford Fiesta ST is Ford’s latest model that will put a smile on global performance enthusiasts face corner after corner. Share your favorite Fiesta ST photos as well as engage in discussions with fellow Fiesta ST owners on our message board. To the driver, the PowerShift transmission operated like a traditional automatic, but shift quality did not match what buyers were used to, leading to many complaints. The Fiesta’s exterior styling is now much more approachable, with big-car cues in its grille and nose that are designed to make it seem larger than it is. Tested vehicle: 2014 Ford Fiesta S 4-door The Ford Fiesta was introduced in the 2011 model year. The 2014 Ford Fiesta ST is a veritable performance pinata, bursting with track-tuned treats when you hit the gas. The performance stance and performance sound come from the MRT Rally Sport™ exhaust will catch car enthusiasts' attention. Look for your trim level below to get a color-coded explanation of your tire size. 2014 Ford Fiesta ST, 6 speed manual, 70k mile, very clean (Simpsonville, SC) $9,500 JLA FORUMS | Classifieds | FOR SALE - Georgia | FOR SALE - Atlanta, GA Mon Dec 28 2020 8:43 pm It sports a turbo three-cylinder engine. 2,575 lbs. Ford Europe tells us that the new 2014 Fiesta ST now comes with 20 percent more power and fuel economy than the previous model. The new nose is shared by the Fiesta Sedan and Hatch models, with only slight styling differences between the two ahead of … View detailed specs, features and options for the 2014 Ford Fiesta 4dr Sdn SE at U.S. News & World Report. GR Auto Gallery is pleased to present this 2014 Ford Fiesta ST, MRT will prepare a fun stylish street performer that turns heads. It shows up in the performance numbers and translates to an exciting ride on the road or track. It's not just that the Fiesta ST is quick—maybe everything feels faster when you're ripping off shifts in a little green snot bubble—but Ford's 0-60 mph estimate of 6.9 seconds seems conservative. Description is a guide only - collections monday to friday 9am to 4pm … âömÚö»køã“FÄ#ÁQïíŸßø^„Ï|Ó&vïXšÆUÈGÏþF fèe肂6рSˆ3½s þ¾^½K.üÞ\£Þ¨áËôÓÞ3Šì˜—x³h.IÊ3‰ue/QeÝ ‰ü›xÁ"_œ[âþ#òqœ*£‰iaöeèü‚ã. Find specifications for every 2014 Ford Fiesta: gas mileage, engine, performance, warranty, equipment and more. Fiesta ST Forum is the premier Fiesta ST community. 5 out of 5 stars. More power and efficiency compared to previous generation Fiesta ST. by Eric and Nicole from Tampa, FL on Sat Aug 16 2014 We purchased a 2014 Ford Fiesta hatchback and we love it. Watch as the new Ford Fiesta ST takes its time to reach its modest top speed of 147 miles per hour. A ford fiesta st line 125 will have a maximum top speed of 122 mph. The performance character is also seen on the inside of the cabin and features carbon fiber dashboard inserts, alloy-metal pedals and gearshift, and a ST steering wheel. The IIHS designated the sedan and hatchback Top Safety Picks for 2013. Ford takes their performance cars seriously and the small compact performance car delivers absolute precision in power and handling. The1.6-liter turbocharged EcoBoost 4-cylinder produces 197 horsepower and 214 lb-ft of torque, and at the same time delivers 47.9 mpg (European combined) and 138 g/km CO2. The new grille looks far better than the previous chrome-trimmed top grille accent - itself just a styling nod as the car air intakes were deep in the lower bumper. The hot hatch also features performance goodies previously found in larger performance cars, That includes enhanced Torque Vectoring Control (eTVC) and 3-mode Electronic Stability Control (ESC), six-speed manual transmission and rear disc brakes. The EcoBoost engine’s low weight contributes towards improved handling, and features the latest technologies that include turbocharging, high-pressure direct fuel-injection and Twin-independent Variable Cam Timing. Ford’s new EcoBoost engine technology is producing fantastic results in both power and fuel efficiency. Perhaps Getting Rolling In the Snow? Then pick the best tire size for your 2014 Ford Fiesta. Paired with the Fiesta ST’s deep body kit, spoilers and painted diffuser — even a white paint color helps the ST pop on t… The performance Fiesta ST sprints from 0-62 mph in 6.9 seconds, and has a top speed of 137 mph. Subaru Is Now Number 3 With An AWD Lineup, Tesla Using Mobile Heaters In Giga Berlin To Keep Workers Warm And Accelerate Manufacturing, Visit Torque News homepage for more stories. 2014 Fiesta ST 4dr Hatchback specs (horsepower, torque, engine size, wheelbase), MPG and pricing. ST (2014–present): The ST trim level is the high-performance Ford Fiesta trim level. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. 2014 Ford Fiesta st -1.6 LT Turbo, 197 HP 202FT -FWD, Tires in great condition, bought last year. FUEL ECONOMY 1 1.6 -liter, five - speed manual 29 mpg city/39 mpg highway/31 mpg combined 1.6 -liter, six-speed These powertrains carry … The Ford Fiesta ST is powered by a 1.5-litre EcoBoost petrol engine with three cylinders, one turbocharger and plenty of power - 197bhp, plus extra … As tasty as Ford’s Race Red paint is, some of the louder shades are better at announcing the arrival of a fast Ford. 2021 Brings A Lot Of Excitement With All-New Ford F-150, Torque News Confirms 5.2-Liter Raptor V-8 Available In 2022, Defining What A Mustang Is, Requires A History Lesson; Mustang Mach-E Will Be Part Of That History, Five Things To Know About the 2021 Mustang Mach 1’s Handling Package Wheels, GM, VW, and Hyundai Are More Realistic Competitors To Tesla Than Toyota, Who Makes The Most Fuel-Efficient Cars? 2013 Ford Fiesta ST specs, 0-60, quarter mile, lap times, price, top speed, engine specifications, pictures, updated December 2020. 2014 FORD FIESTA TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Maximum towing capacity (properly equipped) Not recommended Not recommended BASE CURB WEIGHT Manual transmission 2,578 lbs. 2,537 lbs. Ford designed the new 2014 Fiesta ST with durability and the ability to handle conditions on the track. Sixty mph comes in 6.4 seconds and the quarter mile passes in 14.9 seconds with a trap speed of 94.6 mph. 2018 Ford Fiesta ST specs, 0-60, quarter mile, lap times, price, top speed, engine specifications, pictures, updated December 2020. 2022 Ford Explorer Is Evolutionary, Not Revolutionary, Giving Last Rights To The Mustang GT350, One Of the Best Mustangs Ford Has Ever Produced, Tesla Avoids Huge Recall After NHTSA Says Sudden Acceleration Is A Human Problem, Business Analysts Believe Mustang Mach-E Can Add Value To Ford Stock And Possibly Negatively Impact Tesla’s Valuation, See Why The Ford Bronco Sport Is More Goat Than Horse, Thieves Target F-150 Catalysts As Pandemic Goes On, Mustang Mach-E Is An Essential Model For The Expanding EV Segment, The Ford Mustang Is The Best-Selling Sports Car For The Sixth Year In A Row, Ford F-Series Finishes 2020 Where It’s Been For The Last 44 Years: Best-Selling Truck In America, Shelby American Transforms 2008 Ford Shelby GT500 Into A Piece Of Rolling History, Mustang Mach-E Wins Car Connection ‘Best Buy’ For 2021, Electric Vehicles Begin Their Slow Entry Into The Automotive Mainstream, Leading The Way Is The 2021 Mustang Mach-E, Bronco Sport, Mustang Mach-E Highlight TCC 'Best Car of 2021' Competition. Detailed features and specs for the Used 2014 Ford Fiesta ST including fuel economy, transmission, warranty, engine type, cylinders, drivetrain and more. What an awesome car! So why do the Europeans get to have all the fun? The new 2014 Fiesta ST was developed by Ford Team RS, which is the European arm of Ford Motor Company’s Global Performance Vehicle group. 2014 Ford Fiesta ST: Vehicle Type: FWD 5-passenger 5-door hatchback ... with some minor backpedaling toward the top of 1st as wheelspin gets excessive. The powerplant enables 20 per cent fewer CO2 emissions but 20 per cent more power compared to previous generation Fiesta ST. - … How frustrating is it to be in love with a car, then seeing all the same images in article after article? It shows up in the performance numbers and translates to an exciting ride on the road or track. Ford Team RS tuned the powertrain, suspension, steering and brakes for maximum driving dynamics for performance enthusiasts around the globe. Item details. Since 2011, a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine generating 120 horsepower and 112 lb-ft of torque has powered the Ford Fiesta. The performance Fiesta was already a fast compact car before, but it gets even quicker. The first 2014 Fiesta ST rolled off the production line last month in Germany. We offer one of the largest collection of Fiesta ST related news, gallery and technical articles. The Ford Fiesta ST has been one of the top-selling small cars in Europe and they can’t get enough of the small performance car. Six-speed … Rating applies to 2014-19 models built after August 2013. Vehicle 2014 Ford Fiesta ST-2; Engine 1596cc Petrol TURBO CHARGED; Gearbox 6 Speed Manual; Body Car / PLG; Odometer Info Unverified 76,672; Category Non-structurally damaged repairable N; Item type Car / PLG Proxy bid auction; VAT Item(s) not subject to VAT; Description Front damage - any other unknown. Ford has released information on the 2014 Ford Fiesta ST and it gets even faster with more power. 2014 Ford Fiesta ST, 6 speed manual, 70k mile, very clean - $8,900 (Simpsonville, SC) < image 1 of 24 > 2014 ford fiesta st. VIN: 3FADP4GX3EM100336 condition: excellent ... On top of the repaired damage, I completed a lot of regular maintenance 2k miles ago. So, How Do You Use All-Wheel-Drive? Beginning with 2014 models built after August 2013, the standard autolock feature, which locks all doors when the vehicle speed exceeds 12 mph, was reprogrammed to prevent consumers from disabling this feature. The powerful EcoBoost engine is coupled to a new six-speed manual transmission calibration that was refined at the Nürburgring Nordschleife over the equivalent of more than 100 laps of the 21km circuit. Trim Options: S SE 185 / 60 R 15 84 H Simplified Size: 185-60-15. Automatic transmission 2,628 lbs. -Mobil 1 oil change/ Motorcraft filter Because some days are good, there’s only one transmission available, and it has six speeds and one clutch pedal. A 5-speed manual gearbox was standard, with a 6-speed automated manual gearbox called PowerShift available as an option. The 2011 Focus RS500-inspired Kermet-the-Frog green is delicious, as is the World Rally blue shade. Top speed weighs in at 144mph, which – for a supermini – is impressive. Ford further subjected the hot hatchback to 7,500 km of race track testing and 5,000 km of high speed testing before it reached production. The 2014 Ford Fiesta is available as a sedan or 4-door hatchback in S, SE or Titanium trim, while the high-performance ST is offered only in the hatchback body style.. Ford Fiestas offer a top speed range between 99mph and 144mph, depending on the version. Ford made sure the Fiesta ST’s engine, transmission, chassis and body could hold up to the rigors of extreme use that its performance invites. “The new Fiesta ST delivers remarkable levels of performance, design and quality to offer an unsurpassed driving experience,” said Juergen Gagstatter, chief program engineer, Fiesta ST. “Ford’s European customers are connoisseurs of the hot hatchback and the new Fiesta ST speaks directly to that passion for performance driving.”. Ford has tuned the small cars powertrain, suspension, steering and brakes to give global driving enthusiasts even more to smile about. It also gets an increase in fuel efficiency making it the most powerful fuel-efficient small production performance car on the planet. Although performance is the order of the day, when you’re not using the Fiesta ST’s full potential, the engine shuts down one if its cylinders to save fuel and emissions. There are multiple tire sizes for your 2014 Ford Fiesta that depend upon the trim level. The new 2014 Ford Fiesta ST is Ford’s fastest and most dynamic small production performance car ever with 20 percent more power than before.

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