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However, the GIS department (706-677-6820) is adding a zoning layer to the Banks County tax assessors on-line maps.The Planning Department phone number is 706-677-4272. Variance: A minimal relaxation or modification of the strict terms of the height, area, placement, setback, yard, buffer, landscape strip, parking and loading regulations as applied to specific property when, because of particular physical surroundings, shape, or topographical condition of the property, compliance would result in a particular hardship upon the owner, as distinguished from a mere inconvenience or a desire to make a profit. 12. Banks County, Georgia, Code of Ordinances. Density: The number of dwelling units developed, or to be developed, per gross acre of land, or the gross square footage of a building, other structure or use per acre of land. Sec. A day care center of six children or less is considered to be a home occupation. Section 703(A). 7. (iii) The two approved land application methods for the disposal of domestic septage are subsurface application and surface spreading. HOMER, Ga. (AP) — A northeast Georgia county is denying plans to rezone land for industrial use after residents said development would ruin the area's rural character. When planted, the distance between the shrubs shall be sufficient to create a solid opaque barrier when mature. 15. Compliance with management practices, vector attraction practices and application rates may be determined by review of records required by this Ordinance.

GENERAL PROVISIONS: Chapter 2. No. Sec. 3. All cemeteries must be located on a lot of at least five acres. Excavation of a trench followed by placement of septage and later covering of the trench is not considered injection. The department also maintains the county's digital mapping system and provides … Section 703(A). b) No industrial, solid or hazardous wastes shall be deposited on the site. Mobile home/manufactured home park: A parcel of land or any portion thereof under single ownership which has been designed, planned, or improved for the placement of more than four mobile homes/manufactured homes for residential use, including land, buildings, and facilities used by the occupants of such homes on the property. I am aware that there are significant penalties for false certification including the possibility of fine or imprisonment". Family plots shall be located only on lots of two acres or greater. County Government: It is the mission of Banks County Government to provide responsive, innovative, and cost effective services, promote smart growth, effectively communicate with the community, preserve the health, welfare, safety, and environment while maintaining the outstanding quality of life that makes our county a desirable place to live and work. land use public hearing policies and procedures: article xvii. More than one caretaker or employee residence, only one per five acres of land. 6. Kennel means a structure or enclosure used for the raising, housing, breeding, boarding or training of more than four adult dogs, but not more than 12 adult dogs, and not primarily used for the purpose of generating income or revenue. Planning and Zoning hours - open to public 706.335.4200 Tue 8:30am - 5 pm and Thurs 8:30am-5pm We apologize for the inconvenience but take the safety of our patrons and staff very seriously. Section 703(B). HOMER, Ga. (AP) — A northeast Georgia county is denying plans to rezone land for industrial use after residents said development would ruin the area’s rural character. Screening: A method of shielding, obscuring or buffering one use or building from another use or building by fencing, walls, berms, densely planted vegetation, natural vegetation or other means; a visual and acoustical barrier which is of such nature and density that provides year-round maximum capacity from the ground to a height of at least six feet or that screens structures and activities from view from the normal level of a first story window on an abutting lot. This northeast Georgia county is the second to receive this designation which signifies that a local unit of government in a community has taken steps to reduce obstacles to broadband infrastructure investment. Convenience store: A retail store, which sells convenience items. Public buildings, uses and utilities. Agricultural uses (excluding animal waste lagoons), including forestry, livestock (except dairies, hog parlors, and feed lots), and poultry [except turkey ranges and commercial egg operations (caged layers)], provided that no structure housing poultry or other livestock as permitted herein or containing manure or other dust-producing substances is located closer than 400 feet from an existing dwelling unit other than that of the property owner and 200 feet from any common property line. Any motorized vehicle designed for use on a public road without a current vehicle registration tag shall be considered an inoperable vehicle. Septage handling facilities and direct land application but only as a Conditional Use in the Commercial Agricultural District, subject to the following requirements: A. Septage removal permits. e) The inlet and outlet "T"s will be inspected for blockage and damage. Inoperable vehicle: Any motorized vehicle, other than those vehicles temporarily disabled, incapable of immediately being driven. - Permitted number of adult dogs and regulations for confinement of adult dogs located on property in R-I and R-II residential zoning districts. W.M.M. No. Intermediate holding facilities are required for those seasonal periods when ground surfaces are frozen. Surface application is a frequently used septage disposal method, but as with any surface application technique, some nitrogen (N) loss occurs through ammonia volatilization. Dwelling unit: A building, or portion thereof, designed, arranged or used for living quarters for one or more persons living as a single housekeeping unit using the same cooking facilities, but not including units in hotels or other structures designed for transient residence. © 2020 Michigan State University College of Law. Lot width: The horizontal distance between side lot lines measured at the minimum required front yard (regulatory front building setback) line. d) The crop or vegetation grown on each site. The formula is found as equation 1, in 40 CFR Part 503.13(c). The land uses engaged in these activities are usually described as plants, factories or mills and characteristically use power driven machines and materials handling equipment. 668, 462 S.E.2d 764 (1995). No. Perform a free Banks County, GA public property records search, including property appraisals, unclaimed property, ownership searches, lookups, tax records, titles, deeds, and liens. Cities of Morgantion and McCaysville / Fannin County: There is no zoning in the unincorporated areas of Fannin County, as well as the City of McCaysville and City of Morganton. Properties, Inc. v. Cobb County, 255 Ga. 436, 339 S.E.2d 252 (1986), Banks County v. No. Banks County Designated as Georgia’s Second Certified Broadband Ready Community. 17. Property owner: The person or persons who own property being considered under these regulations. If, after a tract or parcel of land is zoned or rezoned to CAD, the land is not actively used for intensive commercial agricultural purposes or if the tract or parcel of land consists of less than 20 acres, the county may, at its discretion, initiate procedures for a zoning review and possible rezoning of the property. 14-34. 2007-12, § 1, 3-13-2007). - Permitted number of adult dogs and regulations for confinement of adult dogs located on property in the ARR, agricultural-rural residential district and CAD, commercial agricultural district. Injection may be accomplished by any device(s) that places the septage beneath the soil surface in a narrow trench at a depth of no greater than 18 inches and promptly replaces the cover soil in the same action of trenching and placing septage. - Permitted uses. Signs, provided the requirements of section 407 are met. i) Disposal sites with slopes exceeding 15% are considered unsuitable for land disposal of septage. Churches, temples, synagogues, places of worship, clubs, lodges, fraternal institutions and other places of assembly for nonprofit membership groups located on less than five acres of land. Section 701(A). A Banks County, Georgia Zoning Permit can only be obtained through an authorized government agency. Sec. All septage removal shall be in compliance with Chapter 290-5-26 of the Rules of the Department of Human Resources of the State of Georgia and the following: Standards for septage removal—The following requirements shall be met by individuals permitted for septage removal. No. v. Columbus, 249 Ga. 488, 292 S.E.2d 61 (1982).) (Ord. B. Voicemails are being checked and emails responded to. No. The applicant at the time of filing the application shall provide a site plan and information regarding topography, coverage zone and tower height. Neither a chain-link fence nor a chain-link fence with metal slats, qualifies as an opaque fence. Barns which house animals that are not being raised for commercial purposes, except for isolated sales not in the ordinary course of business, including, without limitation, poultry, cats, livestock, horses, goats, sheep, mules and donkeys, located no closer than 50 feet from any adjacent property line. Day care center: A child care facility, pre-kindergarten, play or other special school for young children (other than at public or private elementary schools) providing, for compensation, care and maintenance to seven or more children under age 17 for a period of 12 hours or less, typically during normal daytime hours. Testimony about increasing traffic and other inconvenience is not sufficient. Evaluate Demographic Data Cities, ZIP Codes, & Neighborhoods Quick & Easy Methods! Governing body: The Board of Commissioners of Banks County, duly elected by the citizens within the jurisdiction. Section 702(A). 13. (ii) Disposal of domestic septage by land application shall only be applied to land with a low potential for public exposure. d) Septage removal means the complete removal of the contents including the liquid, sludge and scum. (d) If a person's property is located in the ARR or CAD zoning districts of Banks County, Georgia, and if the person is raising, housing, breeding, boarding or training more than four adult dogs, but not more than 12 adult dogs for the primary purpose of generating income or revenue, the adult dogs must be confined in a commercial kennel and shall not be allowed to freely roam the person's property. All residential swimming pools, aboveground or in-ground, shall be at least ten feet from all property lines and be enclosed by a fence at least four feet in height. 10. In the case of double frontage lots, the spaces as defined above shall both be considered front yards. Planning commission: The Banks County Planning Commission. You searched for Land Use & Zoning. Person: An individual, firm, partnership, corporation, company, association or institution, including any trustee, assigns or other representative. a) Each land disposal site entrance shall be posted with "No Trespassing" signs, identified as a land application disposal site for domestic septage and facilities shall be fenced by a six-feet security fence around the perimeter of the disposal site. No. A school is considered public if operated by the county board of education. Commissioners did approve a rezoning for part of a steel fabrication facility that’s being built nearby. 7. This definition excludes industrial and demolition waste not specifically listed above. The following formula can be used to convert ppm to Kg/Hectare: ppm X 1.12 = Kg / Hectare. If you need assistance please email the Jordan Shoemaker at Uses and structures permitted under section 502, paragraph 8, when the structures housing the poultry and/or livestock do not meet the minimum setback requirements from existing dwellings and common property lines as set forth therein. Such waste include, but are not limited to wood, bricks, metal, concrete, wall board, paper, cardboard, inert waste landfill material, and other nonputrescible wastes which have a low potential for groundwater contamination. Commercial kennel means an enclosed structure with sound proof walls used for the raising, housing, breeding, boarding or training of more than four adult dogs primarily for the purpose of generating income or revenue; or an enclosed structure with sound proof walls used for the raising, housing, breeding, boarding or training of more than 12 adult dogs, and not primarily used for the purpose of generating income or revenue.

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