how to finish a crazy quilt

12, but you can change that). I’m using it to make a quilted couch cover. When you come to a seam between the blocks, pierce that seam with your basting stitch. Modern Crazy Scrappy Quilt Pattern Using scraps make 72 (10 inch) blocks for a crazy scrappy quilt that finishes about 80 inches x 90 inches. Place all 12 blocks on a flat surface: 3 rows of 4 blocks each. BERNINA Corporate Blog - top news of the world's leading manufacturer of sewing machines and quilting machines. Half of that between two blocks belongs to the measurement of a block, so each block needs to be 1 1/2 cm wider on all sides than the visible part. Click Here to learn more about batting rating. A graph paper pattern to use for placement2. This is how they look in the order they are made: but I want to change the way they are placed next to each other, for too many simular fabrics/effects are placed close together this way. if you want to publish pictures via the comment function, please log in to the blog first. For the binding: sew all 5 strips of 9x110cm together to make one large strip. Layer, face down, your CQ top, then your batting, which has been cut to size, then your false back of cotton batiste or lawn. It is fun to make such crazy quilts! Some standard quilting techniques are used when attaching the "false back": Place your rows of "quilting" about 2 to 3 inches apart, covering the entire false back. Lay the folded batting on the quilt back, then unfold the batting onto the quilt back, working one section at a time. Now to attach the "dressy back". When I look at my earlier CQ's they just do not have the same professional results. The solution is to employ a "false back". It should have a straight edge... Press the Seams as You Go. The embroidery on a crazy quilt block is normally done before you add the backing fabric and/or batting, Lila. Sew 3 strips/sashings onto 4 blocks, for each row. As the quilt itself warms each generation’s hands and feet, each scrap has a story that warms the heart. Sign up for the BERNINA blog newsletter and stay informed about our latest blog posts, freebies and much more! The quilt is rolled up and ready for the hand-quilting (more like basting, really) from the back. Cut the batting the same size as one of the fabric pieces. Assembling a crazy quilt part 1 – Trimming the blocks, joining and a construction technique that means the seams sit flat. Using a ruler and rotary cutter and the quilt top as a guide, trim the excess batting and backing layers so that all edges of the quilt are the same. if you haven’t seen it already, you should look up mile-a-minute quilting. Get it? If there is an area that has an especially heavy piece of embellishment on the front, you can add more quilting stitches around it from the back. Use a regular zigzag stitch, wider and longer than default. Because the quilt will be too wide for the regular width of quilt fabrics (110cm), you can join pieces of fabric, fi. I have used variegated thread when securing/stitching the binding at the front. This way the quilt will be aprox. Contribute and be creative! I like to sew my (double) binding onto the back, fold it to the front and sew it in place by machine. 120x131cm. Instructions Start the Block in the Middle. You want to join the Sugaridoo-Quilt-Along? large) crazy quilting projects. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. We use cookies to improve your experience. Make sure the space between the sashings is equal with all blocks! Stitch 8 blocks per row and 9 rows. Have a look at the fascinating history of crazy quilts with us. I will use the picture of my placement to assemble. You end up with a small triangle on the corner. 1 1/2 cm at the front (or smaller if that is your choice). A great collection of information! they do normally have a back. emailname = "rissa" You dont HAVE to use these measurements: my blocks were cut slightly larger (2cm), because they were bigger. document.write(""); You'll need about a 3/4 yard of fabric for binding, 5 1/4 yards for the back and one package of queen-size batting. If you have just landed in the middle of this site via a search engine you may be interested in combinations of stitches for seam embellishments. I love what Angela Walters says, A finished quilt is better than a perfect quilt.“ Your email address will not be published. A crazy quilt is a wonderfully useful way to preserve and display family history. It gives a nice clean edge without the look of binding. You are the proud owner of a BERNINA sewing machine and want to show that? The look is clean, controlled, smooth, and beautiful! Pin the raw edges (non-folded … The last job was to trim the overhanging patch edges even with the foundation square and the crazy quilt block is ready for embroidery and embellishment. DON’T CUT UNTIL YOU ARE SURE EVERYTHING IS ALLRIGHT – ONCE CUT THERE IS NO WAY BACK. Hello, it’s me, Crazy Rebecca Dances With Pit Bulls. Now I am satisfied with the way they look next to each other. Brilliant solution! Sylvia Kaptein Continue rolling the first edges until you use up the triangle and are left with a straight edge. For this... Sew a Second Piece to the First. It makes a huge difference) and sewn them together, I interface the entire back of the top. Pin the fabric to the back and cut it the same size as the quilt. The final effects are phenomenal. How many of us have gazed at our heavily embellished crazy quilt tops and moaned at the thought of their splendor being ruined by gravity? My quilt in progress: doesn’t it looks great already? I start by interfacing each block after it has been pieced. I wish I had known these tricks when I first started crazy quilting. To check if the sashings are sewn on the right way, place the three rows on top of each other: they have to looks as one uninterrupted line. You can copy it and paste it at the desired place in your blog. You would be amazed at the difference this makes! These cookies do not store any personal information. Mitering a border allows your design to continue around your quilt. Block 5 to 8 on the second row and block 9 to 12 on the bottom row. Smooth the top with your hands until you’re sure you’ve worked out … This layer of interfacing does not interfere with any hand stitching, but does stabilize the block to make the stitching surface much less "wiggly". I am using presser foot #1D, because I can also use the Dual Feed: it works a bit like a Walking Foot. There are two key strategies for achieving this: interfacing and employing a "false back" when constructing the finished quilt. Placing your block face down on a towel, position the interfacing over the back, and then use some paper release paper (from wonder under or any fusible web) between your iron and the interfacing. I dropped the button box quilt - crazy quilt block I dropped the button box crazy quilt These are 8 inch blocks for a crazy quilt currently in progress. If you change the way each block is placed by accident, look at the picture to place them the right way. Some quilters were asking me if the quilt won’t be too heavy after adding another fabric, but that is no problem. This way to the community: Community section Sugaridoo-Quilt-Along. A regular zigzag stitch will join the blocks: I have changed the settings on my B770QE: it shows yellow on my screen. I understand that BERNINA will process my comments as well as my first and last name for publication and direct marketing purposes and link these to information collected by BERNINA for direct marketing purposes or information derived from the comments (such as captions, tags). The prepared source code will help you to integrate the banner into your blog. Take a few pieces of gorgeous richly coloured dupion silk, along with some pretty shades of thread and some lace, that blend well and see how they turn out when stitched and embroidered as the new Romantic Crazy quilt with a vintage sewing theme…. Pin baste the layers together. Be sure the corners are neat: I have sewn these by hand, becore securing the length of the binding.