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Bacteria are microscopic organisms that are found just about everywhere. These filters use a phosphate-based chemical to pre-react with the hardness in an attempt to stop the formation of limescale. Hard water is water that has high mineral content and is formed when water percolates through deposits of calcium and magnesium-containing minerals such as limestone, chalk and dolomite. Vegetables cooked in water containing excessive iron turn dark and look unappealing. Not only will this remove the limescale but it will also leave your bathroom or kitchen smelling fresh and clean. 0579332171 Inhibitor for Central Heating Systems - 1 Litre. The Clean Water Company supply and fit plumbed in under-sink Water Filters, Water Coolers and Fluoride filters into homes and businesses throughout Ireland. For our special on water softeners & Limescale Removal Filters contact us today. SpringSoft Systems have over 25 years of experience in water treatment and can offer advice and solutions to any issue you have with your supply of water. Most bacteria are harmless, but certain types can cause disease, sickness or other problems. We supply a vast range of drinking water filter systems along with our unique range of whole house limescale removal water softeners. 6-15 Water Softening Salt - 25kg, Watersource Limescale Water Filters Osmio Water have a range of filters designed for the specific treatment of limescale (both temporary and permanent hardness). The magnetic field alters the characteristics of the minerals in the water, making them lose their ability to adhere to pipes and form limescale. SpringSoft specialise in Limescale Removal Filters and will provide a guaranteed solution specific to your needs. We would advise anyone who is concerned about bacteria or considering using a new supply/well for water to get a full bacteriological and chemical test. $59.99. Iron is mainly present in water in two forms: either the soluble ferrous iron or the insoluble ferric iron. Wells used for drinking water should be tested for the presence of coliform in addition to other water quality parameters. We seem to have really bad limescale in house, kettle needs doing every 2/3 weeks. Non-disease causing iron bacteria can affect household and irrigation wells. Depending on the hardness of your water, this may need to be done once a week to keep your kettle running efficiently. Bring the solution to a boil and leave it to sit in the kettle overnight. ... Calcite is the chemical name for aggressive Limescale. Sectors SpringSoft provide water treatment to Hospitality / Agricultural & Dairies / Industrial / Commercial / Domestic, SpringSoft also design systems for Manganese / Nitrates / Sediment / Ammonia / Fluoride / Chlorine Bacteria is a hazard to the health of your family and should not be taken lightly. Frequent repairs or replacement of household appliances such as kettles and washing machines. It is also often found as a similar deposit on the inner surface of old pipes. Our range of products have been designed to treat problems associated with conditions in Ireland and incorporate the most efficient and reliable materials available. MASSIVE OFFER! Co Westmeath, E: For central heating systems, the addition of a chemical inhibitor specially designed for central heating systems will prevent limescale. The PWS Scale Reducing Drinking Water Filter provides the most practical and convenient solution to slow, clumsy filter jugs (such as the Aqua Optima, Brita Maxtra etc). Fast delivery or order & collect in store. If you're looking for a top-quality water filter in Ireland, then choose The Water Filter Men. These softeners do not remove the minerals that cause hardness in water but do prevent them from adhering to surfaces. If you are on a mains supply you can request the most recent breakdown of what’s in the water supply from your local county council. Clack® Valves and Structural tanks are the brands you can trust. Not only does it damage each item through build-up of limescale, it also reduces their efficiency resulting in higher electricity bills and increased detergent costs. Limescale removal Filters Limescale is the most common water treatment problem found in Irish water supplies. A confirmation email will be sent to your mailbox: please read the instructions to complete the subscription. I have found them to >>, Spring Soft installed and maintained our water cleaning system since 2008, we find the service extremely good and professional, would certainly recommend to any business >>, We have used Spring Soft Systems since we established the nursing home in 1999. Whatever it is you need, our team of water quality advisers are here to help you. It will also help the detergent clean clothes more efficiently. BRITA P1000 water filter cartridge, compatible with all BRITA filter taps for chlorine and limescale reduction, 1 pack 4.7 out of 5 stars 2,899 £37.99 £ 37 . Looking to buy something that will descale all of the water coming into the house as soon as it … Limescale prevention falls into one of the above categories. This Pentek TS101L in-line carbon filter cartridge reduces chlorine and inhibits the growth of lime-scale in residential and commercial drinking water applications. Tullamore Road Reduced efficiency of your heating system. Call us at 093 60398 to get a free quote for water softening system. Not a problem descaling (except cost) but now am worried about washing machine, boiler, shower etc etc. Iron bacteria causes plumbing fittings and laundry to stain and, in severe cases, clogs well screens. It is doing what >>, I have used Spring Soft Systems services both professionally and from a domestic point of view for many years now. Impaired efficiency and lifespan of appliances e.g. Remove limescale from your kettle by using a half cup of white vinegar and a half cup of water. If you are looking to change your hard water (and all the problems it gives) to soft, take a look at our water softeners. The water will generally taste more like the water from a carbon filter, but won’t usually give as good of a performance in preventing limescale as a genuine scale removal cartridge. However, if you prefer you can arrange a service by one of our experienced engineers. Iron removal is not straightforward however a solution is available and SpringSoft take pride in designing for the effective removal of iron. If, nevertheless, you are interested in having a limescale filter for your washing machine, we recommend you consult a specialist to help you quickly find a suitable solution. Since 2002, EWT have provided Water Softeners, Water Filters and Water Coolers all over the Ireland. //

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