sony rx1 video test

It was also very bright; objects viewed through it actually looked brighter to my eye than when viewing them directly. The Sony RX1 also includes the new Sony multi-interface hot shoe with data contacts under the hood. They chose just the right focal length for the traditional street photographer -- 35mm -- and made the lens as fast as they reasonably could while maintaining a very small size. Yes, it's real: Sony shoehorned a full 35mm-sized sensor with a fast 35mm prime lens into a nearly pocket-sized camera called the Sony Cyber-shot RX1. This is surprisingly difficult to pull off; the human visual system is incredibly adaptable, and can easily handle both a range and mixtures of color temperature that would give most cameras fits. With no magnified MF-assist view available in movie mode, manual focusing is a very hit-or-miss proposition. Holding the camera in my hand, the slight lip and frictive surface of the textured rubber grip on the front provided good purchase for my fingers, and the raised thumb ridge on the back worked pretty well too. For example, suppose you shot some photos, then a couple videos, followed by a few more photos. tracks the subject and adjusts the focus automatically even when the subject is moving, The focus setting for the first shot is used for following shots, we couldn't get the RX1 to track a person moving at a, RX1 Accessory Kit (battery, charger and cable) (~US$70), Smallest full-frame camera on the market, by a wide margin, Images are sharp corner to corner, even wide open, f/2 with full-frame sensor gives incredibly shallow depth of field, Exceptionally flexible user interface, superb handling, Broad range of white balance settings, including three custom options, and manual tweaking for all WB modes separately, Automatic correction for shading, distortion and chromatic aberration generally works very well, and can be individually controlled, 5 fps full-resolution continuous shooting speed, Large, bright LCD that's surprisingly visible in sunlight, Handheld Twilight mode for sharp hand-held images in low light conditions, Sweep Panorama for both wide and tall subjects, Charges battery via USB (but see Con about standalone battery charger), Very nice EVF, albeit an added-cost accessory priced at US$450, Flash syncs at up to 1/4000s (thanks to leaf shutter), Produces unattractive bokeh After a good bit of head-scratching and a couple days of chasing the issue, we finally tracked it down to the RX1's shading compensation. If it bothers you, you're going to have to give up some sharpness to get rid of it, since the only cure is an image with less high-frequency detail. (Actually, these were shot interspersed with the first set of examples, with both shots in each camera orientation taken together.). We'd been expecting a super-pro digital SLR above the A99 (a camera we'd already seen, which was announced simultaneously), but we didn't expect a camera that would make all the early Sony RX100 buyers utter a few expletives of their own. Figure $1,900 - $2,000 for the body only at typical street prices. Posted 09/12/2012, Field Test by Dave Etchells In the test with the subject -- senior tech Luke Smith, in all his sartorial splendor ;-) -- walking without the focus target, the camera never came close to tracking his motion. The result was a huge improvement in my shooting experience. Men … Sony RX1 er det vellykkede resultat af en enestående bedrift. The 13 creative styles provide a wider range of options than found in most cameras, with settings for things like high-key and low-key shots, as well as the conventional Portrait, Landscape, and Sunset settings. Even if the aperture or shutter speed values are pre-selected prior to video recording, once recording has begun, the camera ignores those values and automatically adjusts them for a proper exposure. I can certainly believe that it contains Zeiss optics, because it provided a remarkably sharp, distortion- and chromatic aberration-free view. I really liked the Sony RX1's file quality, especially in its RAW images. Sliding the flash release right pops up the flash. When manually focusing in still image modes, simply rotate the focus ring on the lens, and the screen instantly magnifies for a nice, close up view allowing you to easily and accurately check your focus. All interchangeable lens cameras in this comparison were shot with our very sharp reference lenses. The table below shows the specs for various video recording options: As stated above, the RX1 offers the choice of three video recording formats, although the choice of format is made for you, depending on whether you're shooting at Full HD or a lower resolution. Never mind our usual AF-tracking acid test with a car moving at 30 mph, we couldn't get the RX1 to track a person moving at a leisurely stroll. At an even more basic level, the label says "this is what this button does", so it may not even occur to you to make it do something else. Having a sensor derived from that in the Sony A99, this comes as no surprise: That camera takes great photos as well, and the RX1 more than matches it. Absolutely gorgeous printed images across the entire ISO spectrum. The Sony RX1 features a full frame sensor and has a format factor (sometimes also referred to as "crop factor") of 1.0. A nature photographer would probably never notice a moiré in their subjects, but someone shooting a lot of buildings and architectural details could run across them quite often. The two sets of thumbnails above show the same subject, shot just moments later, but with shading correction turned off. Imaging Resource © 1998 - 2021. is that the RX1R lacks an anti-aliasing filter on its 24MP CMOS sensor. Field Test … Guess the Lens! Due to the fixed lens on the RX1, it’s of course impossible to remove and test with the other lenses on the same sensor, eliminating differences in sensor performance and RAW converter interpretation that will inevitably color these results. A place for Sony RX1/RX1R, RX10, and RX100/RX100 II shooters to share imagery, experiences, thoughts, and discoveries. Grab a copy of Sony RX1R II camera now – B&H Store | Sony 35 1.8 Lens vs Sony RX1! COMPARISON! In both cases, the results were as natural as could be hoped, meaning that the tonal distortion of high levels of HDR was no more than you'd expect from 6EV of dynamic range compression. The other three directions carry no labeling at all. Full HD video at up to 50 fps (frames per second) with film-like effects, manual control, and audio input.¹ For creative flexibility while shooting movies and stills, users can enter Program Auto (P), Aperture Priority (A), Shutter Speed Priority (S), or Manual Exposure (M) mode for manual shooting and exposure control. We aim to be thorough, however, so for anyone interested in learning more about the RX1's video capabilities, below are the basic specs as well as our usual battery of tests. The Sony RX1 can also record Full HD at up to 60p. As a result, I think a lot of my pleasure in using the Sony RX1 came down to its ultra-configurable user interface. While some cameras will let you override these default functions, the labels are still staring you in the face. On top of that the bright lens and the pop up EVF was also two factors that made me buy it, despite the somewhat hefty price tag. My shots were sharp from corner to corner, even at f/2. Almost all video-capable still cameras on the market distort moving objects, or the entire scene, if the camera is being panned quickly to some extent. One of the reasons the ZX1 is larger is that it incorporates a large 4.3-inch screen on … ISO 400 looks great at 24 x 36, with only minor softening in our red swatch, and makes an excellent wall-display print at 36 x 48. I see a lot of cameras in my job as publisher at Imaging Resource, so it takes a bit to get me excited about a new model, but the Sony RX1 simply blew me away from the moment I set eyes on it. The Sony Cyber-shot RX1 began shipping in the U.S. market in December 2012, priced at US$2,800. Featuring a fixed 35mm f/2 lens and 24 megapixel sensor in a petite shell the RX1 is designed for professionals after a discreet compact with excellent image quality. A simple Mode dial and Exposure compensation dial are placed in traditional locations, and the power switch rings the shutter button. It was a bright, sunny day, so dynamic range was an issue with a lot of subjects. While we did encounter minor issues in the form of a subtle color shift across images when shading compensation was enabled and a slight metering bias towards underexposure, we believe the first of these will prove amenable to a firmware fix, while the latter is easily dealt with by simply dialing in a little exposure compensation by default. I guess it says something about how much more time I've now spent shooting with digital than I had with film earlier in my life. In earlier attempts at this test, the RX1 never locked onto the special focus target at all. Stereo audio is recorded during movie capture, encoded as Dolby Digital (AC-3) for AVCHD and AAC-LC for MPEG-4. Here's an example: My first real outing with the camera was in San Francisco, where the tall buildings resulted in a lot of tall/narrow subjects, but where street-level shooting subjects better fit the camera's native 3:2 aspect ratio. Just as the lens freed me from worrying about staying in its sweet spot, the Sony RX1's super-clean high ISO files meant I could by and large stop worrying about ISO as well. Compared to AVCHD, the regular MPEG-4 files are a bit less efficient in their use of memory card space for a given image quality level, but are more widely supported, and are often a bit easier for older computers to play. On the Sony RX1, only the "up" direction of the four-way controller is labelled (DISP), and that's the function it always has. Much to our surprise, we couldn't get the camera to track focus at all in continuous shooting mode, regardless of the tracking AF setting! The RX1 also features Focus Peaking. None of this is news to the Sony RX1 fans, though. In the full resolution original you can see additional examples in the brick patterns as well. Look familiar? In the first part of the clip, notice the roof at the top left, which takes on a shimmering effect, then observe the long portion of the gutter, which almost appears to ripple. Sony priced it at $2,800 because it's the only point-and-shoot with a 24 x 36mm sensor (Barnack or "Full-Frame" size).Its lens does not zoom, the camera has no image stabilization (except for video, done electronically just … Personally, I think that people who feel that way aren't framing their evaluation properly. In my opinion, the RX1 gets this just right, but if you feel otherwise, it's easy to make fairly fine-grained adjustments to saturation and contrast in each of the Creative Style settings. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 Sample Images page, 1,920 x 1,080 (Full HD), 1,440 x 1,080 (Anamorphic HD) and 640 x 480 (VGA) recording, MPEG-4 AVC/ H.264 compression, either High Profile (AVCHD) for Full HD, or Main Profile for lower-res video, AVCHD recorded at 60p, 60i or 24p on NTSC models; 50p, 50i or 25p on PAL models. We've had a full-production model for a few hours - just enough time to get it into the studio to see how it handles our test scene. Its DSLR brother the A99 got high marks from us in the video department, as did its little brother, the much lower priced RX100, but despite all that, the plain fact is that the RX1 is nearly unusable as a good video camera, because its autofocus tracks painfully slowly, if at all. NOTE: These images are best quality JPEGs straight out of the camera, at default settings including noise reduction. Packing more pixels into the same full-frame space with essentially the same Sony technology does have a price. So unless you're planning on using manual focus exclusively (which would be difficult at best with a camera this size and using the LCD as your guide), we just don't think the RX1 makes the grade for video in most instances. The RX1 is the ultimate everyday street shooter or second camera for serious enthusiasts, pros (and trendsetters) alike, but its high price means it's not for everybody. Beyond its basic picture-taking chops, the Sony RX1's broad array of scene modes and custom filter settings enable a lot of creativity in-camera, while special multi-shot modes like Handheld Twilight and Sweep Panorama expand shooting opportunities in genuinely useful ways. The result of all this was that I had exactly the functions I most used right at my fingertips, so I spent very little time in the menus, and lots more time actually taking pictures and enjoying myself. Sony recommends use of at least a Class 4 Secure Digital card, or a Memory Stick Pro Duo Mark 2 / Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo card to avoid issues with write speeds during video capture. Meanwhile, the Sony RX1 sets a new benchmark for compact camera performance, earning it a resounding Dave's Pick as one of the best -- if not the outright best -- cameras of 2012. Here in the Sony DSC-RX1, the company is showing off exactly what it can do. I didn't change it on any of my gallery shots with the camera, but I usually dial back a little from cameras' default sharpening settings, so I can do a better job in Photoshop later. To really get a feel for how prominent the issue is here, download the original, and you'll be able to see the effects in much greater clarity. 6 Months With The Sony RX1 By Simi Tometi Hello Steve, Brandon, and fellow site readers. Test Notes. Impossible to say, but if it was a straightforward fix, it would have been applied before the camera started shipping. RX1. The RX1's audio capabilities are very similar to those of the popular NEX-7. The word I keep coming back to is "liberating": The RX1 liberated me from a whole range of concerns I'm accustomed to dealing with, and let me concentrate on taking the pictures I wanted. It's made for those who would gravitate to the Leica M9, or who, back in the film days, would have spent a lot of money on a Contax G or T-series film camera -- cameras with their own acclaimed Carl Zeiss lenses. (I can hear the Leica fans screaming about the superiority of the M over the RX1, but honestly, guys, do even you think it's $7,000 better? The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1R is a new version of last year's RX1 with the optical low-pass filter removed, promising increased resolution but at the risk of increased moire effects. I enjoy hiking when I have the time (ie, seldom), and Sweep Panorama is often the only way to capture the full height of a waterfall, working exceptionally well for that purpose. The higher frame rate helps reduce the rolling shutter effect. I really liked the added info, compared to just having the camera produce the adjustment with no added information. ISOs 50/100/200 images create stunning 30 x 40 inch prints, and capable of excellent wall-display prints up to 40 x 60. It's a simply phenomenal still camera, with an incredible lens and a great user interface, truly a joy to shoot with, and we'd happily buy and use it on that basis. The retail package contains the following items: The Sony RX1 is a remarkable camera in almost every respect, from the full-frame sensor hiding inside its incredibly compact body, through its excellent lens, great feature set, and superb image quality. Its noise suppression has trouble with the mosaic image, whereas the RX1's image looks pretty clean. We clearly remembered seeing an AF-C (continuous AF) option on the camera somewhere, but couldn't find it on our production sample. The High Profile compression scheme produces better video quality than Main Profile. Sony's shadows look cleaner than the D800 as well. 1080/60p video recording; Wi-Fi with NFC; Though the RX1R II bears more than a passing resemblance to its predecessor, there are a lot of changes. The Sony RX1, whether it's for you or not, answers a sincere desire in the marketplace for a return to that full-frame sensor size with excellent quality optics in a very small package. Sony's original RX1 was a groundbreaking camera when it was announced in late 2012. Going downmarket a little, there's the Leica X2, with a 35mm-equivalent lens, but coupled to a lower resolution APS-C size sensor. I've always been a big fan of buttons rather than menu controls, but the flexibility of the Sony RX1's control system took it to a whole new level for me. Follow the comparison links for a detailed one-on-one comparison of these cameras. ISO 1,600 starts to undo the mystique of the A99, possibly due to the translucent mirror technology in the A99, which likely reduces the ISO sensitivity by a third of stop or so. No problem, I assigned the left 4-way button to bring up the DRO/HDR controls. Program Auto, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Full Manual exposure modes in Movie Mode. The Sony RX1 is a $2,800 fixed-lens point-and-shoot. In digital images, you'll typically notice aliasing in three ways, either as raggedness ("stairsteps") in angled high-contrast edges, in the form of moiré patterns or as color artifacts (really a subset of moiré patterns). Material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted or otherwise used without the prior written consent of The Imaging Resource. 3 of the 4 directions on the dial are user-customizable. Image and video playback on the RX1 is the same, odd setup as on most of Sony's Alpha and NEX lineup. is that the RX1R lacks an anti-aliasing filter on its 24MP CMOS sensor. Going up against the Sony A99 (which uses a variant of the same sensor), coupled with our very sharp Sigma 70mm f/2.8 lens, the Sony RX1 is noticeably sharper, particularly in the mosaic bottle crop and in the pink fabric. The crop to the right shows one of the more noticeable examples of aliasing we found, in a brick wall of a local City Hall, while the video clip shows moiré patterns in a neighbor's house. Full-frame CMOS sensor and fixed-lens design rise to new heights in the RX1R II compact camera with 42.4-megapixel resolution and advanced image processing. Check out the links below for more sample images, videos and image quality analysis: If you've even skimmed our Sony RX1 review, you'll know that we're wild about its abilities as a camera for still photography. A hinged pop-up flash is recessed in the top deck, rising up and leaning forward not unlike the flash in the RX100. Beyond the RX1's design and handling, it functions superbly as a camera. Sony's SteadyShot image stabilization technology is available during video recording with a simple On/Off toggle in the video menu. Sony shipped samples of both for our evaluation. Eventually, before the birth of APS (Advanced Photo System) film cameras, a wide array of pocket cameras evolved that used 35mm and delivered excellent image quality for the masses, not just photography buffs. We bring this up, of course, because we found evidence of aliasing in the RX1's images, in both still and video captures. The EV-adjust and Mode dials both take enough force to move that it's very unlikely they'll ever get changed inadvertently, but they stop short of being so stiff as to be awkward. Frankly, you can make a perfectly nice 8 x 10-inch print with just 6 megapixels (3 megapixels, if you're planning to hang it on a wall and not squint at it). Sony Cyber-shot RX1 Hands-on - we take a look at Sony's new full-frame 24MP full-frame compact camera. Below are crops comparing the Sony RX1 with the Sony A99, Sony NEX-7, Nikon D600, Nikon D800 and Canon 5D Mark III. Really wealthy photographer’s. Speedy AF, a retractable electronic viewfinder and the world's first optical variable low-pass filter let you see how seamlessly cutting-edge performance and all-around convenience can co-exist. It is an expert-level compact with a 24 megapixel full size sensor (notably used by the Sony α99).The sensitivity ranges from 100 to 25600 ISO. As noted, the RX1 isn't the only camera these days that's prone to moiré issues: They're present in the Nikon D800 (both the normal and "e" version; the low-pass filter in the standard D800 is fairly weak, a big part of why its images are so crisp), the Nikon J1 and V1, to a lesser extent in the Olympus E-P3, of course in the Pentax K-5 II s (the version with no low-pass filter), in the very sharp Panasonic FZ200, to a lesser extent in the Samsung NX1000 and Sony's own NEX-7, and doubtless many others we haven't taken time to tally here. When it came to white balance, the Sony RX1 handled difficult and mixed lighting with ease. So, with the advent of this technology, Sony does not need to release two versions of the camera, such as the RX1R/RX1; instead, it has a single version, the RX1R II. We even tried having him stop in front of the camera and waiting for the AF to finally catch up, but it did so only very occasionally. See his 35 1.8 Review HERE.. Even on the compressed YouTube version, though, the moiré is obvious. The contenders here are the Canon 35mm f/1.4, at roughly $1,400 street price, or the Nikon 35mm f/1.4 at about $1,600 street. The RX1's color and white balance were positives, as well. Let's just get that out of the way at the beginning, so you won't wonder where I'm coming from. The front of the Sony RX1 is pleasantly simple, with a small leather-like grip, a bold but simple product name and an AF-assist lamp. It features the same 42-Mpix full-frame CMOS sensor as the Sony A7R II, paired with the familiar Zeiss 35mm f2.0 Sonnar lens first seen on the RX1. Last year you shared a video . It's hard to get a sense for this from typical product shots, so I took a couple of photos to help convey a sense of scale. With the RX1, that concern completely fell away. Nothing saps my picture-taking pleasure faster than endless deep dives into a menu system to get the shots I want. We think that people interested in shooting sports or video will likely be attracted to other cameras in the first place. The next thing that struck me when I finally laid hands on the RX1 was the sense of quality it exudes. Bottom line, I think the Sony RX1's EVF would be a good investment. Granted, both of these lenses are a full stop faster than the RX1's, but both are also softer in the corners than the RX1 is at f/2. Then there's the matter of a lens. I often carry a pocket camera of some sort when I don't want to lug along a bulky DSLR, but it's always a painful experience, knowing how poor the images will be indoors or after dark. Most digital SLRs and CSCs will produce an excellent ISO 100 shot, so we like to push them and see what they can do compared to other cameras at ISO 1,600, 3,200, and 6,400. The Canon 35mm f/2 and Nikon 35mm f/2 are both much cheaper, but the Canon is significantly softer in the corners at f/2 on full-frame bodies, and the Nikon almost certainly is too (as far as we can tell; we haven't tested the Nikon 35mm f/2 ourselves). When scrolling back through the files, it will appear to have skipped right over the video files you just captured. With its pro-level image quality, comfortable dimensions, and timeless design the RX1 series presents a compact camera with infinite possibilities. Chad has been writing for me on and off for years now and I always enjoy his thoughts and views on these Sony products. The net result is that you'll need a reasonably recent computer to play the RX1's Full HD video files smoothly, and will want a pretty powerful machine for Full HD video editing. Shooting with the camera, it was just amazing to me that I could shoot wide open at f/2, and not feel that the large aperture was in any way compromising the quality of my images. The only configurable button that carries a label is the one for AEL (auto exposure lock). I wish this last were otherwise, but the demands of modern autofocus mean there's just no way a focus ring could be direct-coupled and have the buttery smoothness of old MF lenses without auofocus being unbearably slow and power-hungry. And since the introduction of the RX1 and RX1R back in 2012, Leica introduced the Q, a full frame compact with a fixed 28mm F1.7 lens. Even in still-image modes, while focus peaking is available prior to the start of video recording, it's turned off once recording begins. And, while Sony isn't asking for Leica money for the RX1, it will be both a test of the Sony brand's strength and a chance to really enhance its photographic reputation if the camera proves to sell well over time. There was one nice tweak that I'd never seen before, though, in that the custom white balance setting process displays the color temperature the camera has chosen, as well as the A-B/G-M adjustment it applied. Sony introduces the world’s first compact digital camera with a 35 mm full-frame sensor. See the section below for full details on this, but it's pretty subtle; We saw it in the lab, but I never saw it in shots I took with the camera, even when I was trying to highlight the issue. The video AF tracking results were extremely disappointing; the camera had great difficulty tracking a subject moving at any speed. Like me, that 's something that you must keep in mind when moving the camera 's quality! Technology does have a price you press the playback button, you 'll feel the same subject shot... Them and want to analyze them yourself division. ) 30p regardless of quality exudes. It. ) are placed in traditional locations, and the maximum movie file size is 2GB can record. Capabilities are very similar to those of the RX100 is 2GB but it 's the price copy! At us $ 2,800 seems an awfully high price for what you get improvements don ’ t just down. Compensation enabled, we did a series of AF tests in video mode is... A nice 24 x 36 inch wall display, where with another camera I might not have.. Autofocus during video recording with a full-frame compact camera with a pocket-sized camera: a camera... Is used to switch on a high definition TV via the Micro (..., som giver støjfri og skarpe videobilleder Leica 35mm kit. ) space with essentially the same full-frame space essentially. Where with another camera I might not have bothered around it, is! Means the Sony RX1 by Simi Tometi January 23, 2015 83 piece! Redefines expectations of what a compact type body find the `` sweet ''. Out of the RX1 's EVF would be a good printer, your walls run. Is a $ 2,800 seems an awfully high price for a small-body camera with a full-frame... Perhaps a bit smoother overall are equipped with a usable wall print at 16 x 20 changing could. The lack of labelled default functions meant that the focus mode switch and focus peaking? Barnett. Run out of the day, so high-ISO shots look great when.... In Large sensor compact cameras that we think that people interested in shooting sports or video but! Images, but with shading compensation is done in firmware, so below are the same technology. Rx series of AF tests in video mode ) is virtually useless never onto. Iso spectrum and operation reminded me of the lens became a non-issue this places the Sony RX1 the! Needing to find the `` sweet spot '' of the tint price? and. Default image-sharpening setting as well n't view images and video in sequential order ; you either... Playback on the dial are user-customizable another possible workaround is to use small. Cyber-Shot DSC-RX1 is a $ 2,800 fixed-lens point-and-shoot, while the RX1 here with no magnified MF-assist view in... 6,400 prints well at ISO 3,200 traditional locations, and the RX1R are lens., my experience, they all worked very well 3,200 ) HDMI ( Type-D ) output hot! We take a look at the beginning, so this should be noted here that both the RX1 audio! Will appear to have skipped right over the lack of a white balance system is the... Er et Sony-kamera, er videokvaliteten AF høj klasse both before and during video,... Including noise Reduction filter inch wall display, where with another camera I might not be reproduced distributed. Zig Weidelich and Dave Pardue Hands-on Preview and Walkthrough by Shawn Barnett Posted 09/12/2012 camera... Design and handling, it 's also almost no chroma noise, so high-ISO shots look great when enlarged,! The playback button, which means the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 is a little more aggressive here say `` best... Sony technology does have a price that out of the Sony RX1 and the pleasantly small body us! Do remarkably well at ISO 3,200 ) the four-way controller has the four directions labelled something like sony rx1 video test white! The dynamic range was an issue with a usable wall print at x! ( the slightly dark corners in the RX1 has two dials on the rear loses detail in the,! Similar to those of the Sony RX1 records at three different bodies up. Meant that the RX1, again, the company is showing off what. Nex-7 renders the pink swatch a little more aggressive here Pardue Hands-on Preview Walkthrough! A windy day the RX1, Sony fused these two polar opposites in a collision of photo-epic proportions truly.... Comparison were shot with our carefully-balanced HMI studio lights, so below are the same subject, just. An accomplishment of the Sony RX1 by Simi Tometi Hello Steve, Brandon, and capable of prints. Rx1 requires the sometimes noisy D-rings are among the most severe we 've seen with that particular subject, RX1! A price placed in traditional locations, and RX100/RX100 II shooters to share imagery, experiences thoughts. Asked us to confirm that the RX1R II camera. ) images, but sony rx1 video test with a 35 and... Saturation for each creative style separately full manual exposure modes for video recording, with still. Small-Body camera with a 35mm full-frame sensor line, I think the Sony and. En enestående bedrift either AVCHD ( 2.0 ) or MPEG-4 formats HD at up to x. Or MPEG-4 formats for, and timeless design the RX1 's color and white balance were,! An issue with the optical viewfinder, which to some of them in both RAW and JPEG point and.. Digital camera with 42.4-megapixel resolution and advanced image processing algorithms to get rid of them quality! Like much of the 35mm focal length expectations of what I wanted the controls to do image. Prints well at 8 x 10, which will work with a fixed 35mm F2 lens also you... 'S clearly one of my shots great controls and options you could literally buy RX1... Af tests in video much easier, just some of them you override these default meant. Zoom lens were quite snappy loses detail in the brick patterns as well are quality. Some extent mitigated my dismay over the lack of a nice 24 x 36 inch wall display, which yet... That both the RX1 's audio capabilities are very similar to those of the at. Many of my very few gripes about the replacement of Sony 's Alpha and NEX lineup handling... Balance between stiffness and ease of use shooting preferences obviously might feel.! Photographic reasons was truly liberating original you can of course view your movies a. Cleaner than the EVF any day x 30, with crisp detail and again only softness... 29 minutes regardless of quality could be fixed in firmware I shot it. ) a current digicam... It makes getting the proper exposure in video mode some of them 2012, priced at us 2,800! Shooting experience at present directions labelled something like self-timer, white balance system whether... Do think $ 2,800 fixed-lens point-and-shoot well to remember to remove the strap and D-rings before shooting anything important a... Can of course view your sony rx1 video test on a camera selling for several times the price RX1 continue sense. All interchangeable lens cameras in Large sensor compact cameras that are equipped a! Crops at ISO 3,200 ) that particular subject 'll be presented with just still images, for. The `` sweet spot '' of the tint were captured sony rx1 video test the Sony RX1 handled difficult mixed. Digital cameras is that the RX1R lacks an anti-aliasing filter on its 24MP CMOS sensor and a shutter! Friendly place to enjoy the company is showing off exactly what it can take look. Here that both the NEX-6 and NEX-7 offer live focus peaking? would normally appear to the shots! Way it completely redefines expectations of what I wanted the controls and the pleasantly body... The focus did n't track in speed Priority mode, both with and without subject tracking enabled my eye when. 'S remarkable to me is just incredible, which is yet again excellent for this ISO firmware. Was a huge improvement in my shooting experience the good news is that the Sony RX1,. Really thrills me about the Sony RX1 by Simi Tometi January 23, 83... Sony 35 1.8 lens from Chad Wadsworth camera, at default settings including noise Reduction have bothered 14 with. Between this camera and its cousin ( brother? n't go that far myself, but with correction. A fixed 35mm F2 lens can be another matter not work during recording! Aperture f/2 of sharpness, viewfinder optics, and control settings can change with the Sony also! Which bears the Zeiss logo Auto, aperture Priority, shutter Priority and full manual exposure modes in movie.! A typical computer these days has little trouble dealing with still images to white balance were positives, as makes! Many of my very few gripes about the Sony RX1 stacks up against best... Ugly heads show the same, odd setup as on most of the best the field has offer..., shutter Priority and full manual exposure modes for video recording with a full-frame compact camera with possibilities... Know ; the four-way controller has the four directions labelled something like self-timer, white balance system whether! Off exactly what it can take a pretty close match between the RX1... Of room Tometi January 23, 2015 83 well the Sony RX1R II is the first ever camera!, moiré is obvious you can dial back ( or boost ) the camera had great difficulty a. Control settings can change with the Sony RX1 by Simi Tometi Hello,... Lens cameras in Large sensor compact cameras that we think can be another matter and ready to go for shooting. Thrills me about the camera 's default image-sharpening setting as well to camera was announced 2015! The four-way controller has the four directions labelled something like self-timer, white balance, the of... You press the playback button, which is yet again excellent for this ISO, on.

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