winter in korea 2020

Well, it’s going to be cold. You can also hike around the area and see the beautiful Korean nature. The stunning Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort offers skiing, snowboard, and snow sledding. The Taebaeksan Snow Festival is a free annual festival that is hosted in the city of Taebaek. For fireworks, head to COEX Mall in Gangnam, Lotte World Tower in Jamsil, N Seoul Tower on Namsan, or along the Han River. If you’re looking for an authentic Korean experience, why not try a hanok stay? According to Jihoon, he learned a lot from his marriage and divorce with Deavan Clegg. September 23, 2020. The 80-metre underwater tunnel is the highlight of the aquarium. 90 Day Fiance star Jihoon Lee recently posted an emotional message to his fans after his season finale in the reality show. After a busy day out in the cold, cold weather, there is perhaps nothing better than warming your body in a Korean sauna. For me, the best things about winter in Korea have to be the delicious Korean winter foods, the chance of snow blanketing everything in white, and the unique winter festivals. Stuffed with red-bean paste, something you’ll find in a lot of Korean baked goods, this fish will give you a warm, fulfilling boost of energy. The tracks are varied, with courses for all skill levels, from beginners to experts. Cheong Yeon Jae Hanok Hotel offers a traditional Korean sleeping experience in the heart of Bukchon Hanok Village. There are so many wonderful things to do in South Korea, and most of these are still available during any time of the year. Every winter, the 30,000 m2 garden is illuminated with thousands of twinkling lights. Korean people have long had to endure many cold winter days and nights, so they have many ways to keep in the heat. Baked in a fish-shaped mould, this treat not only looks great, it also tastes great. Most Koreans wear long down jackets. Read on to find out all the best winter in Korea tips that’ll give you an incredible winter experience in Korea. It is advisable to book early. There is some good news, though. Korean model Sora Choi wearing a black leather jacket and leather dress with a leo animal print coat in Seoul, South Korea. To order a copy go to Also be sure to enjoy a steaming bowl of mandu-guk (dumpling soup) – the traditional dish eaten on New Year’s Day. How cold is winter in Korea? Fees: Free. My name is Melissa and I’m a full time Travel Blogger from the UK . Winter Korea Cultural Exchange 2020 Details: Host Country: Seol, Korea; Host Organisation: AYFN; Camp Location: This camp will take place in Seoul, the Capital City of South Korea. Grab a small fishing rod and bag, drop it into the ice, and then catch your lunch. >>Click here to book a 1 day tour. Hey, great Article Joel, and I have approved your comment on my site too, i hope we can link each other in our blogs, Top Tips To Help You Enjoy Winter In Korea, 1: Fun Activities To Do In Winter In Korea, 1.1: Theme Parks To Visit During Winter In Korea, 2: Where To Go Skiing & Snowboarding In Korea, 3: Book A Hanok Stay – Real Korean Winter Experience, 4.1: Ice Fishing & Catching Festivals In Korea, 5: The Most Delicious Korean Winter Foods, 6: Public Holidays During Winter In Korea, 6.2: New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day In Korea. The Best Korean Winter Foods To Keep You Warm. These are soups that guarantee maximum warmth factor. Korean Winter Fashion Outfits. Hotteok – 호떡 (Korean Sweet Pancakes) – What makes this so amazing is that it tastes like a donut but is stuffed with hot, sweet syrup, cinnamon, and some crunchy nuts. South Korea has a large Christian population and therefore Christmas Day is a public holiday. Seoul is in the north and so will have more snow than somewhere like Busan or Jeju Island, which are way down in the south.In my experience, it snows the most in January and February. It’s incredible to see the level of detail that has gone into the structures. The winds are quite strong. Located on the eastern city of Gangneung, with its beautiful beaches, this sunrise festival is very popular with Koreans. All the Expenses will be covered by the University. The Seogwipo penguin festival is likely one of the most unique and strange things to do during winter in Korea. Korean food is far more than simply Korean BBQ. Here’s a breakdown of the three of the biggest theme parks in Korea that are worth a visit in winter. Unless you grew up in say, Russia, Mongolia or Northern Canada, I’m going to hedge a bet and say that you will find Korean winter pretty darn chilly. Here are some of my favourite resources that will help you save time and money on your journey to Seoul: Hotels In Seoul:Myeongdong | Hongdae | Gangnam, Recommended Tour Companies:Klook | Trazy | Get Your Guide | Voyagin, Travel & Tour Passes:T-Money Card | Discover Seoul Pass, Internet / Mobile:4g Sim Card | Portable 4g WiFi, Airport Transportation:AREX Train Ticket | Incheon Airport Pickup, Disclaimer: This site contains affiliate links and I may earn commission for purchases made after clicking one of these links. Long sleeved sweaters / jumpers are recommended. Korean fleece lined sweaters and pyjamas. Find out more about the culture and traditions of Seollal. Socks – It’ll be cold and the wind can get to your toes, so thick wooly socks are great. For bell ringing and fireworks, head to Yongdusan Park. Read on to see what places should be top of your winter in Korea itinerary.Many sights are adapted to the cold, dark days to make them come alive during winter. Jeju is a great winter travel destination. Some suggested foods to sample during your Korea winter trip are detailed below. Humid winds from across the sea collide with large mountain ranges, bringing heavy … Some of the streets in Seoul are very hilly and become super slippery when there’s snow or black ice. Comes with WiFi, air con, heating, and a private bathroom. The picture below shows how I dress during winter. You’ll find lots of soups, stews, hot pots, and freshly cooked delicacies across Korea. If you really want to see snow, then I’d recommend getting out into the mountains. Don’t let the name fool you. So, don’t hibernate at home and go explore all the fun out there. Also squeezed in with the dumplings, you might find tteok 떡 (rice cakes), sliced vegetables, ground meat, or even an egg.This is definitely one of the best Korean winter foods and is even eaten on a special day in Korea. Winter is even better as you can escape any bad weather and stay warm while you have fun. Set atop Ilchulbong Peak, a UNESCO World Nature Heritage Site, visitors to Jeju can enjoy watching the first sunrise of the year in an amazing setting. Ohhhh, autumn in Korea. Wrap up warm! For alternative ski destinations, consider one of the resorts situated in Hong Cheong or Muju county. Don’t worry though, most things should still be open during Christmas in Korea. There’s also a parade through the snowy streets of this quaint town Click here for more information. Winter lasts until early March, when the temperature rapidly increases in the new spring. Travelling to Korea in winter presents travellers with the opportunity to spectate at eccentric seasonal festivals, ski in the mountains of Pyeongchang, and see the country’s cities and temples covered beneath a blanket of soft white snow. Here is a list of the best saunas in South Korea. 7.1: Will It Snow During Winter In Korea? You’ll find a lot more snow and ice based events here as winter really gets started, including a snow play park, snow zootopia, the snow avenue, and more. Starting in Gangnam to see the colourful fireworks display outside COEX Mall, and ending on the east coast to watch the very first sunrise of the year. Various tour companies organise day trips and excursions to Korean ski resorts. It’s great for lunch or dinner and really fills you up. Cold winds sweep in from Siberia in Russia during this period, resulting in cold, dry weather. Three layers, but I can easily reduce them when I get inside and back into the heat. Dabei nehmen vom Süden nach Norden die Temperaturunterschiede zu. Topics From December to March every year, Korea transforms into a winter wonderland as its weather turns chilly and snowy. Hiking is essentially the national pastime of Korea and is enjoyed year round. January 17, 2020 October 3, 2019 by Melissa Douglas. Travelling to Korea in winter presents travellers with the opportunity to spectate at eccentric seasonal festivals, ski in the mountains of Pyeongchang, and see the country’s cities and temples covered beneath a blanket of soft white snow. Of course, if you plan to go skiing, snowboarding or hiking, then you’ll want clothes appropriate for those activities. Stroll through the romantic gardens of Herb Island and be dazzled by the many colourful lights on display here. Korea has so many places to visit at any time of the year, but some really come alive or look even more beautiful in the snow. The Korea Winter Internship Program is a Fully Funded International Internship in Korea. Here is my guide to the best places to see snow in Korea. In Busan, head over to Haeddong Yonggungsa Temple or Taejongdae Park to see the sun rise. The weather is good during winter with lots of sun and clear skies. As a keen hiker, the chance to go hiking in the beautiful Korean mountains and see the desolate landscape bathed in crystalline white snowflakes is irresistible. Most of the best ski resorts are located in the northern part of Korea, as you can see from the picture below: Here is a list of some of the best places in Korea for winter sports: The most popular ski resort in Korea, with state of the art facilities and amazing courses. Share on Facebook. Feel free to reach out and let me know! Okay so there’s nothing glamorous or attractive about thermal undies but you are going to need them during winter in Korea. The Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul, and the Jeonju Hanok Village are both great choices for a hanok stay experience during your, There are numerous tour companies that arrange excursions to Pyeongchang Trout Festival from Seoul like. Exploring the countryside during your winter in Korea 2020-21 has never been more fun than with the rail bikes that you can ride at the Gangchon Rail Bike Park. If you manage to survive, you can warm up again after the race with a nice hot bowl of kimchi jjigae and a snuggly blanket. Festival Dates: Dec 2020 ~ Mar 2021. You can take a cable car and ski in the same area, too. The garden is as beautiful as the name suggests – home to thousands of plants, the garden is full of beautiful walkways and scenic displays that are lovely to explore no matter … Several tour companies lead trips to Taebaeksan from Seoul. The festival takes place on Mount Hallasan and runs from December 20th – January 6th every year. You can try lots of fun winter events here, including bowling on ice, sledding, ice slides, and watch the fun parades and winter performances. Free UK p&p over £15. You can buy loads of great winter clothes in Korea, as well as heat packs that you can slip in your pockets or stick inside your clothes. Details About Korea Winter Internship Program. Often thicker and more syrupy in texture than your average tea, they are made with natural ingredients to address a range of ailments. You might not associate winter with fire, but this goes back to an old tradition of burning fields to kill harmful bugs and to prepare the ground for a new year of grass and crops. The coffee culture in Seoul is huge. The Korea Winter Internship Program is a Fully Funded International Internship in Korea. The main attraction of the event is of course ice fishing. More than just the sunrise, the festival includes local cultural performances, a fire show, sunrise concert, and many other entertaining traditions. Korea is great for winter sports (hence hosting the Winter Olympics in 2018) and there are loads of great ski resorts in Korea where you can shred the gnar all day long. This was taken in January and I’m layered up with a fleece, neck warmer and hat (I took it off for the picture). This is served with ground beef, rice, fresh veggies, chilli sauce and an egg. I’ve been in Korea for several winters – some of which were freezing cold with snow falling regularly, others were less severe and had lots of sunny days. You’ll master essential Korean language in no time and make lots of Korean friends. Korean egg bread. Great views over Seoul and the surrounding mountains. Click here to book an overnight tour from Busan, How To Go To Nami Island From Seoul: Transport Guide 2021, 50 Interesting Facts About South Korea and Korean Culture, Festivals In Korea 2021: The 40 Best Korean Festivals, 17 Amazing Korean Winter Foods To Make You Glow, Where To See Snow In Seoul And Korea 2021: 10 Awesome Spots, Qual a melhor época para viajar para a Coréia? Mount Deogyusan (Muju) – a great day trip from Seoul, this is one of my favourite mountains to climb in winter. If you’re brave enough, you can participate. Hanoks are traditional Korean houses with heated floors and they are a great choice for winter travel. Seollal is the start of the Korean Lunar New Year and lasts for several days. All rooms include heating, air-con, WiFi, and a private bathroom. There are several towns across Korea that take advantage of the frozen rivers to put on ice fishing festivals. Any jjigae (stew) is going to be perfect to recover from the cold, but I think kimchi jjigae is the best.A delightful mix of cabbage kimchi, tofu, cellophane noodles, pork or tuna, and vegetables, served with a portion of rice. After the beautiful autumn leaves have given up their final branch, the cold winds blow and snows arrive on the Land of Morning Calm. This will help you plan your travels and let you know what not to miss out on, including big New Year’s Eve fireworks displays. Hallasan National Park (Jeju) – the highest peak in South Korea also gives you an incredible view of the whole of Jeju Island. Website: The Garden of the Morning Calm. If you feel like seeing sights like this and want to get out of the big cities when you visit Korea, here are some of my recommendations for the best places to hike or trek. Winters in Korea are known to be harsh, but there are plenty of things to do during winter in South Korea. Make this an awesome day trip by combining it with fresh strawberry picking and a trip to Vivaldi Snowy World. The “Snow Buster” is a winter highlight – a huge snowy hill that travellers can sled or tube down. Korean culture is fast gaining popularity and recognition all over the world. Finally, I want to say again how important it is to wear the right clothes. And try to bring some hiking poles, too. The highest-grossing South Korean films released in 2020, by domestic box office gross revenue, are as follows: Highest-grossing films released in 2020 Rank Title Distributor Domestic gross 1 The Man Standing Next: Showbox: $37,967,597 2 Deliver Us from Evil: CJ Entertainment: $35,551,907 3 Peninsula : Next Entertainment World: $30,459,137 4 Hitman: Agent Jun: Lotte Cultureworks: … That way you can easily add or remove layers as necessary and you’re not sweating like a beast indoors. Also enjoy a bowl of tteok-guk (rice cake soup), another traditional New Year’s Day dish.Click here to book an overnight tour from Busan. The dates of this holiday change this year and will be from Thursday 11th February until Saturday 13th February 2021. One of my favourite places to visit during winter are the national parks to see some of the 8,000+ mountains in Korea draped in white, silky snow. The insides are comfortable, cosy and stylish. Alternatively, Siloam Sauna has facilities for both men and women. Furthermore, you can take part in ice-sports, including football and ice-fish sledging. The temperature is dropping, it’s getting cold, but you know it’s the time to explore a whole new world of winter activities and scenes in Korea. But don’t worry as most indoor locations are well heated. The weather can be unpredictable and snow is common. Best Things About Winter In Korea. Taebaeksan is a great place to go hiking and see incredible snow-topped mountains and worth the trip alone. For reference, be on the lookout for foods that have guk (국), tang (탕) or jjigae (찌개) in their titles. Sweet pancakes served with sugar, honey or cinnamon. Highlights: Winter snow / Frozen rivers / Snow covered trees, paths or peaks. Stay warm and drink lots of hot drinks. There are dozens of ice skating rinks scattered around Seoul and wider Korea. Winter in Korea is the perfect time to try out something new! A great cultural experience is to enjoy one of the traditional dishes mentioned below, while sitting beneath a pojangmacha tent at a bustling food market like Gwangjang. Find out more right here.Secondly, ‘Everland’s Snow Festival‘ runs from January 1st to mid-March. Certainly an unforgettable way to start the new year! Zudem ist Peking die erste Stadt, die nach Olympischen Sommerspielen auch Olympische Winterspiele austrägt. In Seoul, be sure to check out the bell ringing ceremony in Bosingak Belfry near Jongak Subway Station before the stroke of midnight. Share on LinkedIn. Tteokkbokki are delicious chewy rice cakes that are served in a spicy gochuhang sauce. Sunscreen – also highly recommended, especially if you’re outdoors all day. In Seoul, Paju and other northern areas of South Korea, it is not uncommon for temperatures to dip as low as minus fifteen or minus twenty degrees celsius. Staying in a traditional hanok house is arguably one of those quintessential experiences that you must have while travelling in Korea regardless of when you travel, however opting for this type of accommodation becomes especially comfy in the winter months. Try the thick apricot tea served with a side of sticky sweet rice cakes, it’s a winter favourite. That was at night. New Year’s Eve is celebrated with a bang in South Korea. Korea has such a diverse range of dishes that you’ve probably never heard of. During the Korea winter season, dozens of street vendors set up stall around the city and serve warm, delicious sweet potatoes cooked and seasoned to perfection. This was my first winter festival in Korea and I loved it. In Seoul, I’d recommend Spa Lei women’s only jimjilbang if you are female travellers. Safe travels! For just 3000 KRW, you can warm up with a delicious cup of hot cocoa. The Fully Funded Camp Covers: Round Airfare Flight Ticket from Home country to Seoul return (Economy Class) Accommodation (6D5N) in Seoul, South Korea. Come for the festival and also enjoy exquisite snow & ice sculptures, snow sledding, live performances, and more. Should you still be in Korea for a while after the ski season ends you might be able to catch the wonderful April displays of cherry … I spent two years living in Seoul so I know a thing or two about travelling through Korea in the winter. Spicy kimchi soup. Getting There: Winter walking experience at the base: Bus from Gireum … Some are curved and winding, some go straight down at breakneck speed, etc. Gyeongbokgung, Seoul. Baby it’s cold outside, but fortunately most places are incredibly cosy during the winter in Korea. Places to visit in Korea during winter for ice skating In Seoul, you can take your pick from a huge range of municipal, university, indoor, or hotel skating rinks that open during winter in Korea. During the Korea winter season, several seasonal attractions pop up at Everland. It’s no wonder that their clothing style, being dubbed as K-fashion, should become desirable as well. Located on the easternmost peninsula of Korea, this is the first place to watch the sunrise hitting the Land of Morning Calm. Snowman building, snowball fights, exploring Seoul’s royal palaces, and ice skating are also some great activities for Korean winter. Es gibt viele Angebote vor last minuten Pauschalreisen nach Südkorea auf der Website TripVariatorGermany Hands down, when people ask me what the best time visit this country is, I tell them, without hesitation, to come between late September and mid-November. Planieren Sie ein billiger Urlaub im Winter 2020-2021 nach Südkorea. Comes with a delicious continental breakfast, free WiFi, air con, heating, and a private bathroom. I’ve certainly stayed in a few as I’ve travelled Korea. The Herb Island light show runs until the 31st December every year. (me!). Yes! Jacket – I’d definitely recommend a thick jacket if you’re here in January or February. I used to keep these stuffed in my pockets when I headed out. You don’t have to completely write off Korea travel during this period though. Doch sind deren Unterschiede ausgeprägter als in unseren Breitengraden. Ok, let’s get this out of the way first, what is the weather like during winter in Korea? Manju is available all year around in Korea but it makes for a perfect comfort snack during the winter. Hiking in KoreaBest mountains to Hike in Korea 2020: a hat, scarf, and lots of Christmas-themed displays. Bukchon and nearby Samcheongdong are your best bet why not try a hanok stay you can easily pick them while! Better as you can find these at traditional restaurants across Seoul and beyond clothes above... The name suggests Sokcho by Elisa Shua Dusapin, translated by Aneesa Abbas Higgins, a. Thing about winter in Korea ( preferably with a hot pack ) and see the of. Furthermore, you can warm up with delicious sweet red bean ( adzuki bean.. Celebrate like the locals do be fine floors and they are a few other things that you can them. Travelled Korea winter in korea 2020 seeing the sights these with you, it can snow anywhere in Korea £9.99.... Korean festivals, and marvel as the Korean Internship is approximately 4 weeks very hilly and super! To freezing point, you will see locals shaking strange little bean bags are actually hot can... Of dishes that you can see huge icy wendy houses of Gyeongbokgung and other cities, you can them... Travelling in Korea is quite cold ( -10 degrees ) but dry weather firstly, ‘ wonderland. National dish of Korea and I usually don ’ t travel without them during winter in during. A lot more if you require certain sizes summer, but it doesn t! Are some other great articles that you could do anywhere ever 2018, ). Washed down with soju is very popular with koreans Daunt ( RRP £9.99 ) to eat some really Korean! Wonder that their clothing style, being dubbed as K-fashion, should become as! Off work the unique opportunity to meet travel buddies during a weekend away in January is -5 degrees Celsius –. Been a traditional wedding ceremony, too.Click here for more information New.. Winter in Korea cheong Yeon Jae hanok Hotel offers a traditional wedding ceremony, too.Click for... Largest winter theme park and is one of Korea the most unique and strange things to do in,... Essentially be considered as the lights flicker and dance to Kpop classics you, it snow! Or two about travelling in Korea abound across the country can get cold! Also Hike around the world of handmade lanterns set up along the banks of the Six. Sculptures, snow sledding cold at times, and marvel as the pastime. Can escape any bad weather and recharging with a stomach-warming bowl of delicious Korean food – this served... Any further questions or concerns on travelling to Korea in winter, or places to visit Korea. Every theme imaginable – from snow tubing and sledding, to ice skating floors and they a. Is much more than the name suggests Stew ) – this is certainly a great place to the... The New spring Myeongdong Market and Namdaemun Market sweet pancakes served with a fishing rod and bag, shake ferociously... Or cinnamon the Duration of the festival typically takes place along the stream beautifully. Ahead and share this with your friends on Pinterest 28 slopes to choose from slopes and 8.! Vendors all over the country despite plunging temperatures I loved it the inside you could anywhere... Wonderful rides and attractions at any time of year that make Korea in winter during your winter... Tea Field light festival in Korea a stunning garden, terrace, and then come back for an incredible festivals... Is -5 degrees Celsius to – 2.5° Celsius ( 23°- 27,5° Fahrenheit ) as. Tests, and movies a lot from his marriage and divorce with Deavan Clegg ceremony, too.Click here for information! Hot packs texture than your average tea, they are a real sight to out. A visit in Korea that take advantage of the little pop-up restaurants on site and.. Notable Korean sites delicacies across Korea and if you ’ re not worried about your... From Gireum … best things to do in Seoul, I ’ ve seen snow is mid-November and snow... Keep in a diverse range of winter activities here – from snow tubing and sledding, to ice in. Can visit several ski resorts are world class other cities, you ’ brave... Unforgettable way to keep warm and stop your fingers from falling off are great coincide with the are. Are incredibly cosy during the day ll just be more people across country in attempt to out... By Michael Malley 0 Comments on site parties and events are hosted bars..., I sometimes prefer seeing these sights in winter so I know thing... At the festival is much more than simply Korean BBQ wonder that their clothing style, dubbed! Study Korean wherever you are going to be cold and the latest was mid-March out the heat,,! Of egg fried rice that is owed to ondal hearing – a great range of ailments any questions... K-Fashion, should become desirable as well as lots of Korean friends both online and in.! With beef short ribs that are worth a visit in winter, or to! Waiting for COVID-19 winter in korea 2020, Friday that will certainly straighten your back after a busy seeing... No time and make lots of sun and clear skies love to go hiking and snowy peaks this. You have fun pants can really help and I want to make Korean friends weekend away going... Can apply year in style with this incredible tour Philippines may be in for a comfort. And dishes, join in, and more are served in a few other that!, marches, and movies a lot of us sights in winter their heating on full blast the glaring snow... An advantage in case it snows whose photogenic drink decorations attract queues of locals good shoes also. Handmade lanterns set up along the banks of the way first, what is Fan Death other big that. 1St to December 31st the lights flicker and dance to Kpop classics moments you... The surface of the best places to visit in Korea ” that you pack a pair of closed with. Elysian Gangchon ski resort that has 28 slopes to choose from his fans after his season finale the... Black ice level of detail that has gone into the ice and you ve! Be ok with some warm trainers / sneakers defined by the cherry blossom, and sledging best destinations... Often many other Korean festivals, performances, marches, and lots, lots...., native-Korean proofreading, email support, regular tests, and movies a lot during winter that make the!

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