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Ebay, Ik heb nu al een paar keer te maken gehad met het "prachtige" global shipping program. In my case, better to have an American shipping address and be done with it. Pitney Bowes(who handle eBays GSP) themselves have a tracking page for those codes and it seems to update quite well. Its format varies and depends on the shipping company, and generally starts with UPAA for Global Shipping Program, EE/ES for SpeedPAK, or looks like XX..CN for China Post and ePacket shipments. This is a shipment facilitation service designed for benefit of Indian CBT Sellers who ship their products out of the country (Exports). I feel this makes up for the extra 35 seconds it takes to fill out the customs forms. By offering this service eBay is only providing a facility for sellers to ship their products. eBay international standard delivery gives you full control of what you want to charge buyers for shipping (Free, Flat, Calculated) from end to end. Once the seller has posted your item, you receive an email letting you know that the item has been dispatched. Also, the other carriers they use, some also charge you an administration fee along with other charges, DHL, for one. With the option, eBay orders get assigned tracking numbers that start with UPBE, UPAAB, or UPAAC. There is no fee to join the Global Shipping Program, but some listing charges still apply to you and your buyer. The Global Shipping Program (GSP) is a Delivery Duties Paid (DDP) shipping program – buyers pay duties and tax during checkout on eBay via GSP. Each program has it’s own evils. I had tracking numbers till they arrived at the shipping centre. It seems advisable to pay close attention to tracking numbers when using the service. Tracking eBay’s International Shipping Programs, Collectors Corner: Rediscovering the Joy of Old Catalogs, Ditching Turbo Lister Is a Sign of eBay Changes Ahead, Brexit Impacts eBay Terms for Global Shipping, Desperate Amazon Seller Sues over California Taxes, EcommerceBytes Letters to the Editor blog, eBay Standard International Delivery Service, EcommerceBytes Soundoff: Letters to the Editor – January 10, 2021, Researching Your Items to Get the Best Price. De eerste keer kocht ik iets als kado voor een vriend in de VS. Wat blijkt er is dan geen mogelijkheid om de verzendkosten nog … With GSP you only have to ship your product to a warehouse in your own country, then eBay takes over and handles international delivery to the buyer. Our buyers get their products delivered fast and in a secured manner. The Global Shipping Program that is delivering my item (now at the last day expected) will be the sole reason why I am going to purchase all future items through Amazon or directly from a seller. You will notice it says "Delivered" to this address in Kentucky which always upsets new users, but that is normal. The Global Shipping Program helps identify the parcel that can be shipped or not in the international market. Sellers are responsible for packing, shipping and delivering the products to their buyers in coordination with Logistic Service Providers. In the fall, eBay introduced another program called Standard International Delivery Service, aka SEND: “eBay’s seller levels and performance standards apply the same as they do for a typical international eBay order. Hi, Not sure if this has been posted already, but thought it would help nonetheless. “The first USPS tracking number gets the parcel to eBay’s Distribution Center. They have released your parcel so it's now on its way. I know, I know, I think we all know how much of a fail this method is for most cases, but for this I had no choice here as it was a very rare item and the seller flat out REFUSED to ship it by any other methods, I'm assuming due to laziness... sadly I've brought this on myself even knowing all this. For non-managed payments sellers, eBay selling fees and PayPal fees apply, including PayPal's transaction fees for cross-border payments. While eBay has worked with shipping carriers to create the eBay international standard delivery shipping service, you’re still responsible for getting the order to the buyer in good shape. Shipping internationally is fraught with peril these days due to the coronavirus pandemic, so it behooves sellers to be especially careful and to understand what protections you’ll be offered if your package goes astray or a buyer files a claim. Payment services? It's awful. Not everyone is a fan of the Global Shipping Program, however – for example, some sellers say buyers view the option as too expensive (GSP automatically charges duties and tax during checkout on eBay). The USPS has even taken to sending some international mail by sea transport due to limited air transportation resulting from widespread flight cancellations and restrictions due to COVID-19, as we reported in April. After the parcel arrives at the Distribution Center the second tracking number takes over,” she explained, but the service starts to break down if the parcel gets lost between the initial scan and the Center, she said. you can go to their domestic post website and find tracking information for your package. If you'd like to opt out of the Global Shipping Program but must wait 24 hours, you can still remove your active listings from the Global Shipping Program right away. and the Foreign Trade Regulations (15 Code of Federal Regulations Part 30). Follow her on Twitter at @ecommercebytes and send news tips to ina@ecommercebytes.com. eBay international standard delivery gives you full control of what you want to charge buyers for shipping (Free, Flat, Calculated) from end to end. However, each eBay international standard delivery shipment includes a $100 shipping protection plan to help in case of lost or damaged items.”. You're protected from negative and neutral Feedback, and have control over which of your items you want to send through the programme. We received an email from a reader on Friday who said eBay is refunding her international buyers whose deliveries are delayed due to pandemic-related issues. You can opt out of the Global Shipping program at any time, but the eBay instructions are not straightforward – probably because they want to discourage sellers from opting out of the program. The program was an attempt to streamline the international shipping process for sellers who were either unfamiliar with how to ship internationally or were afraid of the risks. On the selling page of the item it said that it was going to be shipped on the " International Priority Shipping to Canada via the Global Shipping Program" and it included International tracking. A seller wrote recently telling us about a problem with the new program, which she just started using. The following excerpt from eBay’s help page explains why there might be two tracking numbers: “eBay international standard delivery uses USPS’s domestic service to transport items to eBay’s trusted warehouse partners.

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