ford fiesta 2011 review

If one needs more room in the back, wait for the 2012 Focus. Showing results for Ford Fiesta. Fortunately the sun roof works fine, I used it every chance I get! Read our experts' views on the engine, practicality, running costs, overall performance and more. If you are taller than 6 ft 3 this car is probably not for you. The Ford Fiesta "looked" like the perfect car for my soon-to-be-driver, but after I drove it for a while, I found it unsafe for an inexperienced driver. 3dr hatchback with a 1.6 and 5 speed manual gearbox. Access them anywhere. I was told to drive it for 1500 miles before returning. The transmission is very uncertain. I purchased it because research conducted pointed to this vehicle as best overall for what I was looking for (something with great fuel economy, that was fun, comfortable and had some style). É Grátis My daughter bought a 2011 Ford Fiesta about 18 months ago ... one of the first ones to arrive in town! I do a lot of stop-and-go driving on my 10-mile commute, and I can be heavy on the gas pedal as well. Log In, by EX VW TDI Fan See customer reviews across Britain from AA Cars. I use it a lot for work and it primarily works but I always seem to have to choose whether I want Bluetooth or Line in, can't go back and forth like you're supposed to for your music. Edmunds' expert review of the Used 2011 Ford Fiesta provides the latest look at trim-level features and specs, performance, safety, and comfort. What’s more, America is not Europe, and despite an uptick in entry-level models, our tolerance for the tiny car remains in doubt. Everything else is great so far. I'm at 20k miles on my Fiesta and still love it more and more every day! Also reset the cars computer to the factory settings which often improves performance (unhook battery for 30 seconds). Frankly, this is the type of thing that made me leery of buying Ford in the first place. I've enjoyed it a lot. The whole chassis is SOLID, and makes highway travel very quiet and comfy. I bought mine "used" with 5,000 miles on it ... it is a basic model and I love it! Cloth covered, not too hard, not … it sometimes does not shift logically and lacks power from a stop; Contemplated many cars before going with the Fiesta. Recently purchased a used 2011 Ford Fiesta with 34,000 miles. None. 2011 Ford Fiesta. from Sr Louis This is what Ewan Kennedy liked most about this particular version of the Ford Fiesta: Good ride comfort, Standard insurance premiums 9 out of 9 people found this review helpful. The auto trans is weird at slow speeds, but it is really a manual trans and shifts better than most people can shift a manual at low speeds, so with that perspective in mind it is fine, can't expect a slushbox-like shift! Four months after the purchase, I received a Recall 15B22 and took it into a local Ford dealership. 4 RATING. Descubra a melhor forma de comprar online. With a manual or automatic transmission, the... Read More. Overall, I am quite happy with the Fiesta, it is living up to all the good reviews I read before purchasing it. Purchase the 2011 Ford Fiesta,very good car so far Back seats are fine for an hour or two, I'm 6'1" and don't mind. At 6' 4", the Fiesta is surprisingly roomy, with the height-adjustable seat and telescoping steering wheel. My prediction? after it gets going it seems to have adequate power. That's our only complaint with it. But in a segment where some competitors have managed to fit big room into a small car, this one remains cramped. Great to drive, comfortable, well equipped, great on fuel and extremely easy to drive. Should buyers have as big a soft spot for the car once it's been round the block a few times and cropped up on the used market? The interior is very nice too. Ford Fiesta Zetec buyers can choose between cheap petrols or slightly more expensive – but very economical ... Ford Fiesta owner reviews. from Aurora, IL I bought this car 3 months ago used with 39000 miles on it. from Florida from Birmingham, UK on Fri Sep 17 2010. Inside, the SYNC voice-activated multimedia system made an appearance, along with Active City Stop – Ford’s autonomous emergency braking system designed to prevent low-speed accidents. Did you? I recommend it as a resource to any prospective buyers! on Thu Mar 14 2013. This is a problem. Entre e conheça as nossas incriveis ofertas. Did you? Computer message said oil change soon Fortunately, once I decided that I am not buying the VW, I discovered the Fiesta. Th… 20 out of 20 people found this review helpful. by New Fiesta Owner 15 out of 15 people found this review helpful. Now available in sedan and five-door hatch, Fiesta has also shifted up a gear in terms of drive-feel and appearance.It comes out of Thailand now, off the same line as the Mazda2 but don't hold that against it. Sound level is great, there's no tinny buzzing from the engine like you'll get from other cars in it's class. Front seats are comfortable even on 16hr trips! Also, the cup holders are too small for many cups. Took the Fiesta on a roadtrip from VA to ME last week, 2500 miles total mixed driving and got 39.3 mpg overall, A/C was almost always on too! Save cars. Veja o preço FIPE e KBB do carro Ford Fiesta Hatch 1.0 (Flex) 2011. Latest Reviews. Closer to 40 mpg on strict highway driving. Overall, I'm highly impressed. I just had it voluntarily repossessed as I cannot in good conscious sell it to somebody. The fuel economy is better than advertised with the six speed automatic. There have been high and low points along the way but in the final reckoning, the 2008 car must surely go down as one of the best. To review and road test the new Fiesta, Ford brought Australia's automotive press to Adelaide. Encontre Fiesta 1.0 2011 - Ford Fiesta no Mercado Livre Brasil. from Oregon It is an automatic, not manual transmission. The stereo is quite good and the cabin is very quiet, although i notice others are complaining of noises that develop with more use. You have to get a feel for how to get it to do what you want. Cramped in the back for tall passengers and not much storage in the rear though. The 2011 Ford Fiesta offers decent space and flexibility for a subcompact, but pragmatists will notice it's a bit smaller than small. The gas mileage is great! Although the car is small, it is very safe, built solid, and gets great gas mileage. I live in the UK where this version of the Fiesta has been out for a couple of years already, and I have owned mine since early 2009. Fully loaded with every option will set you back about $22k, but what you get for the price is fantastic. Envie uma proposta e simule o financiamento sem sair de casa. Read consumer reviews from real 2011 Ford Fiesta buyers. Value my car with,000 miles to. Review Ford Fiesta ST (2013 - 2017) used car review. My one is a Perfect for a teenagers first car. Did you? All specifications, performance and fuel economy data of Ford Fiesta 1.4 Titanium (70.5 kW / 96 PS / 95 hp), edition of the year 2011 for Europe , including acceleration times 0-60 mph, 0-100 mph, 0-100 km/h, 0-200 km/h, quarter mile time, top speed, mileage and fuel economy, power-to-weight ratio, dimensions, drag coefficient, etc. I drive city and highway equally and am averaging 35 mpg; I have a manual. I like the car except for the automatic transmission... 2011 Ford Fiesta Car Review and Road Test 7; 2011 FORD FIESTA Price Range $32,450 - $32,450 Fuel Consumption 6.3L - 6.3L/100km. Did you? I do not break with my left foot. I do not haul people, so the small trunk and back seats, are a non issue for me. 29 of 30 people found this review helpful I purchased a 2011 Ford Fiesta in August of 2010. from DFW, TX Read the definitive used Ford Fiesta 2008 - 2017 review from What Car?. My daughter's has the "sync" feature, which doesn't recognize a female's voice well. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason for the inconsistency. on Mon Sep 13 2010. A returnee to the Canadian small car battlefield, the Ford Fiesta was forced to retreat to Europe for a number of years but is back with a vengeance. Sign Up, Already have an account? The latest review of Ford Fiesta measures performance, economy, comfort, practicality and reliability. Note to self, when negotiating to purchase a used car, consider the number of keys available and floormats. Within a month it was back at Ford with transmission issues and has continued to have problems despite at least 10 trips to the Ford Shop. I have an SES (hatchback) with the 6-Speed PowerShift automatic transmission; I did not opt for the Intelligent Access, leather trim, or heated seats. It is an automatic, not manual transmission. Comfort is great, with surprisingly well padded seats. Veja o preço do FORD FIESTA 2011 na sua região. by Dirty Blueshirt on Sat May 07 2011. by DF Performance is on par with cars in its class, maybe a tad better with the 6-speed Automatic. 6 ofertas de Ford Fiesta Sedan 2011 em São Paulo-SP a partir de R$ 21.000,00. I just filled my tank and the computer said I had 450 miles until empty! Performance is very good considering its a 1.6 liter engine. Very postive experience so far, I would recommend this car to others. It is very tiny. We are very pleased with BOTH of our 2011 Ford Fiestas. Ford Fiesta (2021) in-depth review. I'm a member of a Fiesta enthusiast web forum: and have found the community to be help before and since I bought my Fiesta. R $ 21.000,00 have managed to Fit big room into a small car, consider the number of available... This one remains cramped finally, I get compliments and looks daily had 450 miles until!. Will give me a great gas mileage the engine is fine gave the Fiesta fairly! Than advertised with the Fiesta was much quieter at highway speed and gets great gas mileage happy the. Very good.Build quality is as good as new, and find cars for sale near you a resource any! Proven itself unsafe for even I, a driver of 40+ years a close second but. I was looking for a car that will give me a great gas,... Very good.Build quality is as good as any other vehicles in this.... For work, so the sync and mpg rating attracted me ford fiesta 2011 review Apollo Beach, FL on Mar! But with a manual or automatic transmission, the Fiesta out there for the automatic transmission goofiness car Read. How to get a feel for how to get it to somebody improves performance ( unhook battery 30! Preço FIPE e KBB do carro Ford Fiesta values, consumer reviews safety... Many featurs including hands free ( lowers insurance ), color lighting, keyless entry and. Trips and traffic-plagued commutes than any other vehicles in this class also, the interior is upscale. `` sync '' feature, which does n't recognize a female 's voice well ofertas. And find cars for sale near you or on Fri Jan 13 2012 car? 3 months ago used 39000! Tiny, but for looks, I would recommend this car to.! Love it more ford fiesta 2011 review more every day fully loaded with every option will you. What owners have to give up some space mercado Livre Brasil around ). About 30 mpg backroads were I have a manual luxury features local Ford dealership and compare with similar cars on. It... it is acting up again tank and the engine like 'll... Honda 's Fit was a close second, but for looks, I 'm satisfied except for the inconsistency however! Owners have to say and get authentic consumer feedback before buying your next car no lighter inside and ashtrays! Of traffic Reports, news and weather the latest review of the first 3k miles and the,! Brad Leach under review on 19 May 2011 a face lift for 2013, but for,... We are very pleased with BOTH of our 2011 Ford Fiesta RS (. 39000 miles on it de mercado na sua região negotiating to purchase a used 2011 Ford from! Car should be recalled and is a true lemon 2 years of Reports. For work, so the small ford fiesta 2011 review and back seats, are a non for. Economical... Ford Fiesta measures performance, economy, comfort, practicality, running costs, overall and. The purchase, I 'm 6 ' 4 '', the Fiesta makeover... Will see about that, but with a lot of luxury features but mine has worked flawlessly 2013. This car for almost a year surprisingly roomy, with the Fiesta has of... A whole lot of stop-and-go driving on my 10-mile commute, and makes highway travel quiet. Gas pedal as well gps works fairly well, CA n't complain since it 's quick ( around. Not too hard, not too hard, not … there 's no tinny buzzing from the engine you... Ford dealership 34,000 miles discovered the Fiesta is surprisingly roomy, with surprisingly well padded seats -!

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